Tuesday, August 5, 2008

PS7's, my consolation prize for Acandiana being a big jerk

Last Monday, Erin and I tried for another Monday Play Day lunch. I really really really really really wanted to go to Acadiana. I must have looked at their menu online about a bajillion times now, and after I tasted their frothy, amazing Ramos Fizz, I have been dying to go back and have a ton more. Unfortunately, I had to go into work and take care of some things that didn't get taken care of anyway.. aaaarg... don't get me started. So Erin and I missed their 2 deadline for the kitchen closing. Then I walked over to Proof and their kitchen closed at 2 as well. What is the deal with taking a break between lunch and dinner? You have servers and cooks there. You might as well make me some food and make a little more money. Not everyone can fit into your neat, little lunch times. Some of us live outside the box!

Ok aaaaaanyways back to the story... finally we pop unto PS7's as we on the verge of giving up. Low and behold, they agree to feed us! So be forewarned that in this restaurant review is already skewed just by the sheer fact that these people agreed to feed hungry girls. That being said, the food was legitimately frickin' amazing and the service was top notch. I hadn't heard a ton about this place, and so I was totally caught off guard by how much I loved every moment.

This was their special appetizer of the day. It was house cured Atlantic salmon salad with a dill sauce, some green healthy stuff, and delicious pine nuts. It was so pine nutty! Mmmmm yummy nuts... drool... (*wipes chin off and clean up keyboard*). I really love it when a restaurant doesn't skimp on the pine nuts. I know they are not a cheap filler food. So I appreciate it when my dish is over flowing with them.

Erin got the 4 in 1 (not the most inventive name but definitely the best deal on the whole menu). For $20 she got a small cup of their carrot and ginger soup, a half portion of their Sarah salad (walnuts, pearl onions, blue cheese, cherries, etc.), pan seared scallops, and their house made donuts. She could barely eat it all. (Actually she didn't eat it all. Her dinning companion may have stolen a donut... For the sake of Search for J Street and the review.)

This is what I got. It was called the "hot brown," which translated into a creamy, cheesy, turkey-y, cheesy, tomato-y, cheesy, bacon-y, cheesy hot mess. (Insert Chris Farley voice here as I say...) O my freaking God. It was so good, I can't put it into words. You have to go and try it. Unless you aren't a fan of amazingly good food. Then I guess you could skip it. You know if you're just the type of person who likes bland, run of the mill sandwiches, this might not be for you. If you happen to love fantastic food, though, I'd recommend making lunch reservations immediately. I can't wait to get back to PS'7, maybe for dinner, and try more things off their menu. If the food is anything like this past experience, it just might qualify as a religious experience.

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