Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So getting to and from work today, not so fun. Imagine me ice skating along the sidewalk to the metro in some hideous furry Target boots that I bought as part of a Halloween costume years ago but am now forced to wear for real since all my galoshes ordered off endless.com keep shredding. (The lesson to this story is to NOT order rainboots off endless.com anymore!) I looked a lot like one of those new born cows that tries to stand up for the first time only to find it's legs are no better than long sticks of jello. BUT despite the inclement weather, I was not in the least pouty because the same weather provided me my first opportunity in years to make a snowman!

So I realize he's a little non traditional, but when you spend your days in the city with a time-consuming job and no backyard to come home to, you have to take your wholesome snowy fun where you can find it! Frosty here is sporting forks for arms, a coffee stirrer for a nose, pebbles for eyes, and a coffee sleeve for a hat. All accessories courtesy of my lovely place of employment. I especially like the hat. It's like he's channeling Aladdin or one of those old man shriners driving around in the little cars at the local parade. I feel it adds character.

So what did you do with the first lovely winter snow to hit DC in years?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Power Hour

Tonight was the last Power Hour (2 drinks + a delicious cheese platter + admission to all the exhibits) at the Corcoran before the Richard Avedon exhibit, Portraits of Power, moves on and the Corcoran closes for renovations. The Avedon exhibit was nothing short of mesmerizing. I found it captivating the way some portraits seems to tell whole stories about the sitter's life and the way other sitters in their portraits seem to be on the verge of confessing deep, dark, life-changing secrets. The exhibit was almost exhuastingly enormous, and when we finally got to the end, I thought I was ready to go home. That is until I discovered that there was an interactive aspect to the exhibit, a black and white camera set up to take Avedon-esque photos and display them on a giant screen in the lobby for visitors to enjoy the amateur photographer in all of us. Erin and I were totally bored with this interactive feature as you can see:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out of this World

Work has been a bit slow this week, which has allowed me some time to catch up on my online shoe ogling. This afternoon I came upon the genius of these:

I'm not sure how long Very Galaxy Platform Pumps have been out in stores, but they have just become my Very Good Reason to Work on Saving Money.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have never seen so much fur on the metro as I have in the last few days. Everyone has brought out their fanciest, schmanciest attire for the Inauguration, but all you ladies (and gentlemen) got schooled today in the fancy, schmancy attire department because Aretha brought her A game to DC.

If you didn't have a hat with a giant shiny bow or something comparably ridiculous and awesome (awesiculous? ridicsome?), then you are just going to need to try harder 4 years from now. I know I sure am. The bar has been set.