Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roberto Capucci at the Philadelphia Art Museum

Last weekend my mom went with me to the Philadelphia Art Museum to see the Roberto Capucci exhibit before it closed. Let me sum up Capucci's work by saying that I have a new life goal: own a piece designed by this genius, preferably one of his pleated master pieces! I couldn't take any pictures of the clothes because the docents were super protective, but my mom got me the exhibition catalog! So if you really like the pictures, I can scan some more. I did get to snap a few shots of the museum and grounds though. The museum itself is just as beautiful as the clothes!

PS: The red dress (3rd picture, on the left) was inspired by the rings formed in still water after throwing a pebble into it. I thought that was a cool idea. And the gold dress on the right in the fourth picture down was my favorite. It was called Angel, and it would definitely make the wearer feel like an angel.

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Anonymous said...

Nice choice of pictures from the exhibit! I liked how you put the blog together with the other pictures from the museum.