Monday, February 27, 2012

Mini Maple Forest

A few weekends ago, I was able to steal my boyfriend from his bandmates and his motorcycle for a very quick hike in Griffith Park. My courage to explore was bolstered by having a partner in crime, so we set off on a few of those paths less traveled. (i.e. The paths firefighters use during dry season, but don't worry! It's nowhere close to dry season.) We discovered a dense grove of what looked like mini maple trees. It was striking change from the surrounding scenery! The grove did not extend very far, but it was fun to find something different. Just goes to show that Griffith Park is not as old hat as we all might think.

PS: I have some sad news, I am slammed with work again this week. And I need to get everything tied up before my friend comes next week. We're road tripping up the Pacific Coast Highway, and I don't want anything distracting me! So bear with me on limited blog posting again. I promise one of these days I will catch you up on every thing I've been doing!

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