Monday, June 9, 2008

The heat will not stop Search for J Street!

We started the weekend off right with the Rilo Kiley concert on Friday at the 9:30 Club. It was obviously amazing as Rilo Kiley and Jenny Lewis are capable of no less. They started off with new stuff that I was not as familiar with but fell in love with immediately. (Ooo! It feel good to be free!) Then I absolutely freaked out when she played 'Does He Love You.' I think everyone around me was a little annoyed with how loudly I was shrieking along with the lyrics, but I couldn't help it. I could literally write a dissertation on that song considering how many times I listened to it on repeat. The concert was a great mix of new and old. I didn't want the show to ever end.

On top of the music being great, everyone in the band looked fabulous! The boys wore cute, formal wear inspired outfits with vest and suspenders. Boys in bands are so hot! Even the one who used to be on Salute Your Shorts! Jenny wore a fabulous gold glitter dress with a tiny black bow in the center of the square neck line. It perfectly matched her bedazzled guitar strap! While I was surfing online for set lists and pictures from the concert, I noticed this actually appears to be the exact same thing she wore to her concert at the 9:30 club in the fall except this time she wore it with jeans and a retro flapper-esque headband. I guess she really likes the dress, but it was fun and looked good. So why not rock it twice? Plus, I've got to give it up for a girl rocker who maintains her femininity and knows how to use accessories. Mary Kate could take a few lessons on the do's and don'ts of headband usage.

(Sept, 2007 show courtesy of

After the concert, it was a few beers at Solly's then off to bed in order to wake up bright and early (aka 11 am) for brunch at Vinoteca. This is Erin's and my umpteenth brunch at Vinoteca. We used to go every weekend because it was so damn cheap, but they've raised the prices since then. It's still pretty cheap, but I can no longer justify going every weekend. Although, their grits are so indescribably delicious that sometimes I try to justify going every weekend anyway. Also delicious: the co-owner. Click on picture 2 for proof. He may or may not have a little something to do with the copious amounts of women I always see there sipping on wine and trying to look classy. (Also, I may or may not be included in that group.) Here's a few shots of the inside of Vinoteca that I took from a brunch we went to months back and some shots of us already feeling the heat while having brunch outside. Sorry no shots of the grits!

The ladies are being too cool for school with their sunglasses on. After brunch Steph jetted back to the mysterious world of Virginia, while Erin and I abused a friendship for access to a rooftop pool. (J/k Lynne. We love you... but now we just love you even more.)

After roasting my Irish skin by the pool, it was off to our final stop for Saturday: the Nats game. I won the firm's seats in the raffle a few weeks ago, and although I am not huge into baseball, I love ballpark food. Erin really likes baseball, though. So we went together, and I brought a magazine for times when the game got dull. Erin mocked me, but it was a good thing I brought the magazine! The stupid teams went 7 innings without scoring a single run. My hot dog and pretzel would have entertained me through only so many of those innings. Just an FYI, I'd skip on the pretzel in the future. They were way chewy and not in a good way. Save the $4 for a bottle of water to go with some vingary boardwalk fries. Even thought the game wasn't the most exciting and the Nats lost in the end, I did really like the new Stadium. It is so inviting. Plus there are so many food stands that none of the lines are terribly long. Double plus, the food stands take credit cards!

Unfortunately immediately after the game left out, it began to thunder store, meaning that it become absolutely impossible to get back into the metro. So Erin and I gave up on trying to get on at the Navy Yard stop and instead we went on a little adventure and made some ridiculously silly videos (documented below in 2 parts).

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