Friday, June 6, 2008

Lethal Combination

I was so proud of myself for posting twice in 1 night (since I am a slacker blogger that is totally unheard of), and I was all motivated to come home last night and post again... Unfortunately drinks at Park at Fourteenth with some girl friends got in the way.

I feel morally obligated to recommend to all people who read this blog and enjoy drinking without breaking the bank that you go to Park during the week. I almost don't want to share this news because its a pet peeve of my when a place gets too trendy, but Park is already too trendy (I mean Lebron James has shown up there) so I figure it can't hurt. Anyways they are packed on the weekend, but much slower on the week days. So to bring in some business they run some ridiculous specials. The first time Erin and I went it was a Tuesday. The place was dead with a capital D. So our cocktail waitress spent a lot of time chatting with us, and we got the details. Apparently happy hour changes every day depending on the managers mood, but when you catch them in a good one (like we have), Park's a steal!!! The first day we went it was $5 beer (lame-o discount), $6 wine (awesome discount since the glasses normally run $10-$12), and $5 food (I mean everything on the effing menu was $5! Sweet action in a bottle!) So Erin and I, who had just come for a drink to check it out, each got dinner and drinks for $15-$20 a piece.

The second time we went was last night. Everyone was in need of drinks. So it was a good thing the managers were in a good mood again! All beer = $5 (lame-o again) All wine = $5 (score!) All mixed drinks = $5 (wtf?! these managers must be on Valium) We couldn't get food because apparently that is not allowed on the third floor. Someone needs to tell them that denying food to people who are drinking is a bad business move.

Overall the night was fabulous, though, because even though it was way more crowded and waaaaaaaay more ghetto fabulous than before, the drinks were cheap and the bartender was smoking hot. Shaved head, chiseled jaw, tattoos everywhere. Plus he forgot to charge me for my second (very full) glass of wine! That's the equation for a winner night for me. But in the end the wine and the new Netflix movie waiting for me at home was a lethal combination, and I didn't end up writing my blog post.

<-- Chihuly chandelier which is their center piece. (For those of you who appreciate art.)

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