Friday, June 27, 2008

If you're single, there is always one thing you should take with you on a Saturday night...

...your friends! (What, did you think the answer was condoms? Don't be silly! That's a Carrie Bradshaw quote, not a Samantha Jones quote.) When the Sex and the City movie came out, hit the town with some of my favorite girlfriends at some trendy spots in the most fabulous outfit I could pull together is exactly what it inspired me to do!

The showings at Chinatown had all sold out by the time I got around to buying tickets. So my coworker and I went to see a 5 o'clock showing in Georgetown instead. Even though the Gtown theater was considerably more arduous to travel to at 4:30 when rush hour traffic had descended upon K street, it ended up all working out. We sat down just as the previews were beginning, and when the movie was over (2 1/2 hours later), it was a perfect hour for cocktails.

We went to Mie N Yu for drinks after. I feel like every time I find myself in Georgetown, I wind up at Mei N Yu. So I was about to veto it, but since my friend from work lives pretty far outside the city, she had never even heard of it. I couldn't let her pass up a chance to go! Mie N Yu is one of a handful of places I've been to in DC that seems very posh and classy without feeling like it was ripped directly out of New York. I think it might have to do with the way they use the some of the original architecture in defining their layout. The rooms (or birdcages) all seem to be nestled in their own corners. This time around, we found a little nook by the windows with our name on it.

I haven't ever actually gotten a meal here. Their cocktails tend to be on the pricey end. This is Georgetown. So it's to be expected, but I'm still a struggling 20-something. So I try to cut back on the bill by just sampling some of their less expensive appetizers instead of ordering an entree. 2 of the apps we ordered that night were phenomenal! I'd order them again in a heart beat! My friend got the veal wraps. They were by far the best appetizer I've ever had there. I got the duck wonton tacos, which were not quite as good as the veal, but they were a close second. Sadly, the taco portion was very small. So even though they were really tasty, the veal wraps were an all around better deal if you're trying to get a bang for your buck. I also got the lemongrass mussels. They were pretty good, but not particularly memorable. My friend splurged and got the duck breast entree, which was also decent but not special. Both the mussels and the duck were done pretty well but their sides (sauce and rice, respectively) were not up to par.

What saved the whole experience from falling somewhere between the meeeh and mediocre category was the belly dancer they had working that night! She was very friendly with the crowd and great at what she did. (I've decided after my hip hop class is done, I need to take a belly dancing class immediately! Belly dancing is hot. Way hotter than the bunny hops we do in hip hop.)

However, as hard working as the belly dancer was, she couldn't make up for the fact that every successive cocktail I order was weaker than the last. So around 9:30, we decided to head out. Erin had seen a 7:30 showing of SATC in Chinatown which worked out perfectly because by the time I got back downtown, her movie had just let out. We wandered over to Zaytinya's for more cocktails and general fabulousness. Zaytinya's really deserves an in depth Search for J Street report of its own some other time, but I will say that it's uber trendiness has waned to a degree and I couldn't be happier about it. The bar crowd was a good size. The servers had time to get around to everyone. And there were open seats for feet tired of their SATC inspired heels!

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