Monday, July 7, 2008

Search for J Street is back from being a lazy bum over the holiday...

Happy belated fourth to everyone! So I've been off having a lots of fun doing lots of city exploring, but sadly that translated into me sleeping most of the time when I am actually home and not passing along any gossip about the cool things I've stumbled upon. I'm hear to make up for my negligence, though. So rejoice!

So the weekend started off with some fro-yo deliciousness. DC finally answered my wishes and imported a Pinkberry-esque joint in Dupont. The outpost is called TangySweet, and it's located on P between 20th and 21st. I ventured up during my lunch break on Thursday with a friend because I desperately needed a reason to escape the increasingly suffocating feeling that my cubicle was causing. TangySweet was just what the doctor ordered. The frozen yogurt is that delicious actual yogurt flavor that I discovered when I was in NYC, as opposed to the frozen yogurt stuff you find in the grocery store which is really just like low fat ice cream. The toppings are pretty much just the Pinkberry standards (some nuts, a bunch of fruit, and some random cereal), but there is one awesome difference from Pinkberry (aside from the way improved architecture): a new flavor! TangySweet sets itself apart by stocking pomegranate fro-yo. I haven't actually tried it yet because I was craving the green tea flavor when I went, but I can't wait to! Has anyone gotten the pomegranate flavor yet? Is it as delicious as the others? I have to know! I am definitely going to have to start factoring in multiple trips to TangySweet in my biweekly budgets, especially now that we are getting into the peak of DC's swampy summer! If you have tried it yet, you must get over there. Everything tastes awesome, there are only 175 calories in a medium serving (which is huge), and if you play your cards right, you might even cram in your daily fruit requirement with your dessert! It's so good, you feel like it must be bad for you, but it's totally not! Win win!

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tech wiz said...

Tangysweet is awesome. I highly recommend the smoothie. The frozen yogurt is yogurty, and not my style. I also recommend going the proprietor of this blog!