Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Reports of Frozen Yogurt, This Time from Mr. Yogato!

I got over to Mr. Yogato recently. I mean, of course I did. Have you ever met anyone more obsessed with this frozen yogurt trend? Probably not, and if you have, you should introduce us. We'd be froyo bff's! Then I would always have someone willing to go to extreme lengths for froyo with me.

So about Mr. Yogato: the decor is not nearly as swanky as TangySweet. Mr. Yogato went kitchsy route instead, and decorated their walls in cartoon versions of their yogurt and toppings. My favorite was the little cartoon mochi (their Japanese version of a marshmallow) because when else are you going to see that? There was also a super cute cartoon smiley froyo cup but some stupid, happy couple that was being all lovey dovey and enjoying each others presence was blocking it, and so I couldn't snap a picture. Outside they have these funny, colorful bird heads sprouting out of their garden boxes. Sounds weird but is actually adorable. But basically the whole gist of the place is happy, silly. Which works because its no fun if all your frozen yogurt places are the same and TangySweet has already cornered the upscale-almost-club-like-neon -explosion look.

The yogurt itself is just like TangySweet (same taste and consistency) except for they have different flavors that rotate in and out, and they have an extra tangy flavor in addition to the usual plain yogurt flavor. The flavor that I tried (mojito) was pretty mild though, probably even a little more mild than the flavors at TangySweet. Mostly it just tasted like to original flavor, maybe a little sweeter? So I'm hoping in future trips, I find some flavors that actually have a little more flavor. Or maybe the whole froyo thing is like wine, and I just need to train my palette or something. In any case, my final verdict would be that they both Mr. Yogato and TangySweet satisfy my yogurty cravings, and in the future I will likely just go to whichever one is closest.*

*Except for that 30 days when I only go to Mr. Yogato so I can win the 30 day challenge! Then I'll have them create a Search for J Street Flavor! Although, I'm not really sure what I'd want a Search for J Street flavor to taste like. Hmmm. Thoughts on flavor possibilities?

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