Friday, July 18, 2008

Drinks at Acadiana

I have an obsession with Passion Food's restaurants (Ten Penh, Ceiba, Acadiana, and DC Coast). Not because of their food (although that is often delish) or because of the drinks (often even more delish than the food) or because of their atmosphere (pretty fabulous in its own right). What actually made me originally fall in love with these places are their drink decorations! Ten Penh's got monkeys. Ceiba's got little bulls. DC Coast has mermaids. They are all so colorful and fabulous. I collect them whenever I go out to any of these places for drinks! (Then I decorate my pathetic little cubicle with them to remind me of my fun exploits).

Anyways this is a long way of saying that I had collected all the little drink characters from everywhere accept Acadiana which I had sadly never visited despite it being a 5 minutes walk from my work. So recently several girlfriends and I found ourselves on the way from the Portrait Gallery to Cork for dinner when one of those sudden summer rainstorms hit. (Doesn't it seem like we're having an awful lot of those this summer? Is this a global warming thing? Well if this sort of thing is going to keep up, I hope we can at least start growing mangoes up here.) Anyways being the resourceful ladies we are, we ducked into Acadiana for a few drinks to help us wait out the storm. I was sooooo excited to finally make it there! I couldn't wait to see what their drink decorations would be. And you know what it was?!?!

Nothing. They have drink stirrers with fleur de lis's on top of them. Clear drink stirrers at that. They don't even have multiple colors! So freaking disappointing. As soon as I saw this, I was totally ready to write Acadiana off as my least favorite of the restaurant group, but then, o but then I tasted my drink (and my friends' drinks too). WOW! No really! They were amaaaaaaaaaaazing. It should be illegal for booze to taste that good. I have a hard enough time resisting happy hour as is. All their specialty cocktails have 20 bajillion ingredients and require a decent amount of creation time, but all of the work put into them really does make them a level above any other drink I've ever had in Washington DC. I am not exaggerating. I am willing to go on record saying Acadiana makes the best drinks inside the District. You must go. Immediately. What are you doing now? Well stop it, and get over there. Ok wait, first put on pants. It's kind of a classy place. (See giant Grecian vase in background for indication of class level.) So you'll probably need pants.

(My Ramos Fizz. Sooooo yummy!)

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