Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Fro-Yo Places?!?! There is a god!

So not too long ago I was complaining about how in New York there was a Pinkberry or Pinkberry rip off on every corner and they were all delish and all healthy and why the f*#@ hadn't this trend hit DC yet? Then TangySweet opened! I finally got over there to test them out and was totally satisfied that there was somewhere in my relative vicinity where I could get the yogurty desserts I craved. But behold! I new frozen yogurt place has hit the scene! How could I not know about this?! Apparently on the otherside of Dupont, one Mr. Yogato shop has opened up. Now Mr. Yogato seems to have broken from the Pinkberry trend of only offering a few flavors and appears to be following more along the lines of the Tasti D-Lite franchise which offers a bunch of choices. Yogato flavors apparently also change every week. (Which is just another excuse for me to check back even more often than I was already planning!) Check out the menu on their website for updates. Of this week's flavors, I am kinda feeling the orange. Anyone want to play hookie from work and go try Mr. Yogato with me?!

Side Note: Mr. Yogato also has all these odd rules that can earn you discounts on their yogurt. rule number 5, however, says that if you order a yogurt for 30 consecutive days, they will name a flavor after you!!! I'm going to shoot for a Search for J Street flavor by the end of September!

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