Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tips for Screen on the Green (bit of a rant, watch out!)

So this past Monday was the beginning of Screen on the Green, the free, outdoor film festival on the mall. I hope you all went. If you didn't, tisk tisk. You're missing out on an awesome time! However... I have to say Screen on the Green could be awesomer. There were a few things that irked me a bit. So if you do go next Monday (and you absolutely should), please try not to do one of the following in consideration of all the people around you:

1) Show up after the movie has started and cram into the middle of the mall somewhere on the pretense of sitting near your friends. Party foul! The movie doesn't start until 9 at night! It's not like you are rushing out of work to make it on time. If you can't make it by 9, sit towards the side/back. Really this advice is for your sake because everyone you step on/over or sit in front of/on top of is probably planning on how best extract their revenge.

2) Smoke. I know we're outdoors. Therefore, I don't think I can technically make you stop, but please be considerate. You smell. And then you make me smell. And maybe I was trying to flirt with the cute boy next to me. Now you've ruined my chances because he thinks I'm smelly. No one likes the smelly girl.

3) Sprawl out and sleep. If you were tired, you should have stayed home. Now you are taking up twice as much room as a normal sitting person, and you're not even conscious! Don't be surprised when you wake up next time with crude pictures drawn on your face. I'm not saying it'll be me. I'm just saying don't be surprised.

4) Bring a lawn chair unless you want to sit in the back. This shouldn't even need to be said, but if you bring a lawn chairs that is 18 inches off the ground, you are killing the viewing area behind you. SOTG is already packed. So try not to make the situation worse by effectively blocking a good couple of square feet immediately behind you.

Ok I'm done being snarky. I'm sorry; I just have very strong feelings on appropriate outdoor movie viewing behavior. Hopefully next Monday, we can all just get along.

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Digital Metropolis said...

my personal favorite kind of person is the idiot who decides to dowse him/herself and friends with an entire can of bug spray while the rest of us are eating. nothing says gourmet like a ham and DEET sandwich.