Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Crepes at Cafe Bonaparte

So as I was saying, Erin and I set out on our Monday Play Day yesterday to grab some sushi at Sushi-Ko which is of course open for lunch every day except Monday. So that didn't really work out, but since we had already rode the bus a good 45 minutes up into the Glover Park area, we decided to take advantage of the circumstances and have lunch at Cafè Bonaparte. Erin and I are huge fans of their sister restaurant, Napoleon, and their uber classy website. So we'd always wanted to make it up to the original joint at some point.

Well service is pretty much just like service at Napoleon. The waitress was vaguely foreign and unfriendly but not bad. She wasn't going to go the extra mile (or inch), but if you asked for something, she was responsive. I usually like more personable servers, but at a French cafè the cold edge seems to fit. Also just like Napoleon, the food more than makes up for whatever snobby French vibe you read into your experience. The crêpes come 2 to an order and don't skimp on stuffing. So unlike some schmancy restaurant where you shell out $15 for a 3 bite appetizer, you can get a $10 crêpe at Bonaparte and not be able to move afterwards, which is definitely what happened to me. I had a few bites of Erin's French onion soup (sooooo cheesy), my Florentine crêpe (sooooo many pine nuts) and a nibble of her Verona crêpe (sooooo meaty) and had to pass on dessert. It was kind of disappointing! I had it all planned out. I was going to go with a Viennese theme and get the Viennese Waltz (honey yogurt and pistachios) with the Viennese espresso (cinnamon and vanilla). O well. I settled for a double espresso instead to help me digest my meal. Hopefully one day I will once again find myself wandering Glover Park and can make room for dessert! Or if there is a tall, dark, and handsome French man out there who'd like to wine and dine me, I wouldn't be opposed...

(Erin obviously thoroughly enjoyed her food! And look how much good stuff comes in those crêpes!)

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