Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dining Guide for Dating and Dumping

All my emails from Zagat go automatically into one of my gmail folders, and when I have time, I open them. Lately there have not been too many new restaurants opening and most of the emails are about shit you can buy from Zagat. So the folder has gone unchecked, but today I realized that almost 50 emails had built up. I got up the motivation to go through them and comb for any interesting alerts, and what I found was better than I could have imagined.
A dating and dumping dining guide! What an ingenious and hysterical idea. Unfortunately, DC did not make the cut for the first round of cities to have such a guide, which has prompted me to put some thought into the subject and come up with my own guide. Do you have any suggestions? Have you been wined and dined or dumped hard anywhere that was particularly memorable for one reason or another? If you care to share your story, please do! I'm hoping to come out with a small DC guide by March.

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