Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Restaurant Week Winter '09

I've got 3 pretty well known restaurants lined up for restaurant week this time around. Oceanaire on Friday, Bistro Bis on Wednesday, and things started off with Ristorante Tosca last night. So far the food has lived up to reputation! Tosca turned out to be a great deal because the whole menu is available for restaurant week with very few mark ups. The roomie and I both started off with a pasta course. She got the butternut squash gnocchi:

And I got the mezzeluna pasta filled with oil soaked swordfish and baby capers on top. So phenomenal! Such flavor!

The roomie then went with the pheasant wrapped in pancetta (spinach and potato sides). We both love meat wrapped in meat, but the roomie thought her pheasant was a little too dry. I tried some and liked it, but I was glad that I got the red snapper.

My snapper was soft, well seasoned, and went perfectly with the oil soaked artichokes.

By this point I could barely move, much less contemplate eating any more, but then the desserts came out. Somehow, upon the sight of them, I found room. I had a nutella filled crepe with hazlenuts, a light chocolate ice cream and frangelico whipped cream. It was perfect. Light enough that I could have eaten 10 in a row.

Erin got the green apple granita with a cat tongue (apparently a cookie and not actually a dat body part) and some creme fraiche whipped cream type topping. She loved it. I'm hoping it inspires her to make some at home in that often unused ice cream maker!

All in all there were few misses at Tosca. The service was excellent other than a slight delay in waiting for the check, and the food drew equally near-perfect raves. My goal is to invest a few times a month in picking up a little something from Tosca for lunch so I can investigate more of their menu. It is such a shame I have worked right next to this restaurant for a year and a half and am only now discovering its deliciousness!

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