Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Irks Me

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I don't have a car, and neither does my roommate. If we are going to go somewhere in DC, we are either going to walk or take public transportation. The metro and buses are crucial in our lives, and it really bums me out that they are going to have to make cuts to service somewhere. But hey, is a recession/depression/shitty time all around. I get that. I'm making budget cuts too. I haven't bought a new pair of heels in months. What annoyed me today in reading about these cuts was how those in charge of making decisions about DC's public transportation don't use it. How are they suppose to know where they can cut corners and where corner cutting will not be acceptable? This is worrisome indeed, but the annoyance I felt about these committee members being ignorant of that which they are in charge was nothing compared to my outrage over these people being part of the budget problem!
Half of Metro's 12 board members, including Chairman Jim Graham, do not regularly ride the train or bus system they oversee. And even as members say they need to trim expenses and boost revenue, several haven't paid their parking fees at Metro headquarters for at least 2 1/2 years.
Obviously these parking fees are not what is breaking the bank, but come on guys. It's the principle. You want to raise metro fees and cut service? How about you at least pay your parking tickets first.

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