Sunday, June 27, 2010

Arroyo Sequit Loop

A while back, probably a month ago at this point, I went on this short hike in the hills north of Malibu called the Arroyo Sequit Loop. I tried to post about it several times, but I am using a new online program to load my pictures up so the quality is better. Blogger's picture program reduces the quality so much that everything comes out blurry. Anyway this program kept freezing, and I never could get my pictures up until now. But finally you can see what a great little hike this is!

These are my co-explorers: Juche and Jeremy.

There is only one area of lush greenery on the hike. There is a small stream, barely more than a trickle, that runs through the area, and it sustains an incredibly number of plants. We even saw a lime tree growing by it!

The path is a bit run down and at points we had to push through forests of flowers. That doesn't sound particularly hard, except for that forest of flowers also comes with loads of bees!

Even though the hills up there are very dry, there is an amazing array of wild flowers that grow. These pictures don't do the flowers justice. It is definitely worth it to do the hike and see them for yourself.

Obligatory butterfly shot! . . . If there are other great hikes up in these hills or anywhere else in the LA area, leave me a message. Living in such a large city makes me relish any chance to get back out into nature.

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Yeah I'm on! Beautiful pictures!
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