Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Socks! In real life!

So quick update:

I saw a girl in knee socks in real life! She was rocking the full on school girl vibe. I've got to give it up to a girl who is equally inspired by Gossip Girl as I am.

Ok so the picture sucks. I took it from way far away, and all the zooming in pixelated it pretty bad. Buuut the point is this trend is totally coming to the District. If this is not enough inspiration for you, you can stop by the window display at Juicy in Gtown. They have some funky knee socks going on that should get you in the mood for fall. I get my awesome overtime check this Friday, and I can't wait to order my thigh highs. I am going to try to rock them like this woman on the weekends and then with a slightly longer skirt during the week. I am still working on the work skirt. I picked out a pattern, but I am waiting until fabric goes on sale. Who knew that nice fabric wasn't cheap? I will keep you all updated on my tights obsession which will hopefully include some photos of outfits soon!

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