Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Every time I try to get back into a regular posting schedule, I keep getting overwhelmed with the actual writing of a post, and plus life has been distracting in general lately. I knoooow. Excuse excuses. Let's be honest. Basically I suck. Anyways I am going to try to ease myself back in this time with smaller posts and build up. So today's mini-post subject is my new obsession for fall...

Knee and thigh high socks! I am uber obsessed with all things Gossip Girl. (Especially Blake Lively's legs. Could they be any more perfect? And her hair? God I crave it! Like she walked off the beach a second ago. Aaaah! So unfair! But aaaaaanyways...) The one thing from GG that I truly believe needs to be imported to the District is tights in all colors and sizes. I've seen some of it going on, but the tights game totally needs to be upped. Take some inspiration from the lovely Constance Billiard ladies:

And if you think this looks is applicable to real life, think again. Look at this girl from the Sartorialist rocking the knee highs with a totally different angle:

So the knee high/thigh high look doesn't have to be exclusively for prep school inspired outfits. I am personally going to do my part to bring this trend by sporting tons of tights now that it seems we're finally going to break into some crisp, cool fall weather. Macy's and American Apparel both have a fun selection of tights and knee highs. Lots of colors and patterns to choose from. I have been having more trouble finding thigh highs that are fun and colorful, but I did stumble upon this website. They have a million color to choose from! So I'm thinking when I get paid in a week, I'm going to spend an absurd portion of all the extra money from overtime investing in the world's largest collection of colorful thigh highs. I can't just get black and brown. You never know when an outfit might be calling for orchid pink or scout green thigh highs! Now my next adventure is finding a work appropriate skirt with which to wear these tights. Because although Blake looks fabulous in her outfits, I'm thinking my boss might not be as crazy about me wearing a plaid miniskirt to work. Doesn't the corporate world has so many lame rules?

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