Thursday, October 2, 2008

Asia Nine

In honor of the VP debates tonight, I am going to write a semi-political post. No, not really. I am going to write a post about eating and drinking (but it's semi-political eating and drinking). So if you're in the mood to celebrate the potential VP's with something yummy, get over to Asia Nine. They have special election rolls. I had the Biden the other day, and it was amazing. I generally heart all things Biden because he's my boy from Delaware, but this roll was so good I would have liked it even if it was called the Mitt Romney. Also, to give Palin credit where she's due, she apparently inspires a damn good sushi roll herself.

The only other thing that could make me love both VP candidates more than giving me an excuse to eat delicious sushi is giving me an excuse to drink pumpkin spice ales. So tonight my roommate and I will be playing the debate drinking game and enjoying some of the recommendations of DC Foodies. It may get messy (I mean, Palin #3 "If Palin uses the phrase, 'hockey mom', drink until she takes the self-satisfied smirk off her face"... that's a whole night of drinking right there. And then Biden #1 "Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at Sarah Palin, take 1 drink. Every time Biden chuckles condescendingly at moderator Gwen Ifill, take 2 drinks"... I might not make it into work tomorrow), but Erin and I are determined to persist for the sake of our country. We are just doing our patriotic duty and watching the debates so we can be well-informed citizens*.

*Obviously by well informed, I mean tipsy**.

**And by tipsy, I may mean straight up drunk. It all depends on how many times, they bring up 9/11.

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