Thursday, October 16, 2008

Last Flowers of Fall

This past weekend Erin had a friend in town. We all went out to brunch, and then after we stuffed ourselves silly, we walked around town for a bit to digest and enjoy the weather. Walking down 10th street is one of my favorite routes to take visitors because it just so damn adorable. There are always wholesome looking families out with their pets and or children, both or which usually have touchably curly hair and twinkles of hope in their eyes.

On this particular trip some wholesome family's crazy bush/tree thing was still blooming, and we had to stop and admire the enormous flowers that hung from its limbs. It is probably one of the last weekends for flowers. The weather is suppose to turn cold again, and, although giant, exotic flowers are cool, I am really excited for fallen leaves and excuses to wear sweaters.

If I do start to miss all the flowers later in the season, though, a little farther down 10th street is the giant parking lot with the weird astroturf walkway. It always has changing artwork, and one of the pieces now is this awesome, kind of floral scribble piece. I am normally never impressed with the art they put up in this space. The whole venue seems tacky and makes even normal art tacky by association, but I thought this scribbly thing stood out. If it is still up in the winter, I am sure I will walk by every so often and remind myself of a more vibrant season.

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