Monday, October 20, 2008

Exquisite Fabrics Closing!

But only temporarily! (I know. Huge sigh of relief. They are just closing down the Dupont shop and moving to Georgetown.) I may not get around to sewing a ton, but when I do, Exquisite Fabrics is my go to place. Unlike chain fabric stores which are best for cotton quilting fabrics, this store really specializes in very nice fabrics. Fabrics you would actual kill to have clothes made out of, but this also means they usually specialize in very expensive fabrics. I would normally not be able to afford the vast majority of selection in the shop, but thank God for liquidation sales. This weekend I got 3 beautiful wools to make skirts out of. (One is DKNY and another is Burberry! I got them both for 50% off!!) Then I got 2 silk blends for pillow cases.

I still ended up spending a bit too much money, but it is hard to resist when I know I am getting fabrics that are normally totally out of my reach. (You can even see in the picture that the wools are handmade in Scotland!) Plus when I make a skirt that would have cost me hundreds in the store, I feel like it will all be worth it. Below is one of the pillow cases I made tonight. It is silky smooth. I love it when I get around to being crafty! Everyone who has been thinking about even maybe sewing something needs to do themself a favor and go take advantage of this sale. You will rarely have another chance to get such amazing stuff for such good prices!

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