Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last week I had a packed schedule of making mountains of binders and pushing to meet Fedex deadlines. It was generally exhausting and miserable, but fortunately I had 2 concerts mixed in to keep me sane and give me an excuse to drink my miseries into the back of mind.

On Tuesday Erin, Amy and I went and saw Matt Nathanson at the 6th and I synagogue. I know I mentioned him once before awhile ago, but having now seen him in concert, I want to re-stress that every girl needs to acquaint herself with Matt because 1) he's a boy who plays the guitar really well 2) his love songs will make your knees weak 3) he has the most adorable dimples and rumpled brown hair and 4) he is absolutely, pee your pants, hysterically funny. He's the ultimate package. Totally swoon worthy. At the concert we laughed, we cried, we experienced the whole gamut of human emotion. Ladies, do yourselves a favor and click on all of those links and prepare to fall in love.

Then on Wednesday I went and saw Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the Black Cat. I have seen him at the 9:30 club (which was by far the best show I've ever seen at the 9:30 club - a double encore, the second one being Timorous Me a cappella because he had broken his guitar during the first encore, it doesn't get any better!!!). The Black Cat performance was short as Ted Leo were only 1 of 3 acts, but it was really high energy as always. I could bounce around to his music forever. It's great for the elliptical or parties or a pick me up on a rough day. So although Ted Leo is not quite as classically swoon worthy, he rocks it in his own way.

So if you are bored at work today check out both of these guys (I tried to find some good YouTube clips but there are way more out there). They definitely saved me last week!

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