Sunday, December 26, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7

I got so caught up with going to the movies and playing Scrabble with my family that I completely forgot about my winter-holiday themed post of the day! I have to admit that even though there is beautiful snow outside, watching The Tourist really put me in the mood for fabulous travels around Europe in elegant designer clothes and not winter weather and snow boots. So today I will post pictures from the movie and the cities in it.

From Collider.

Shots of Paris from Pia Jane Bijerk.

Shots of Venice from The Cherry Blossom Girl.

PS: If you haven't seen The Tourist, it is worth renting when it comes out on DVD. The reviews were very "meh" but I loved it. It was light, simple fun. The background, the clothes, and the actors were beautiful. The dialog was witty, and the plot was not overly contorted like a James Bond movie would have been. It is a perfect Saturday afternoon movie.

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