Saturday, December 3, 2011

Celebrating with Mulled Wine

 To Do List:
Take 2nd Exam (glad I opted to take that one pass/fail!)
Pick up Stocking Stuffers at Unique LA  (only in town this weekend)
Catch up on Gossip Girl
Hit the theater: Arthur Christmas, The Muppets, Hugo, My Week with Maryland, and the Descendants
Drink Mulled Wine
Study for my 3rd exam (this one is purposely at the bottom of the list)

Do you like mulled wine? I just discovered it last year when my friend Britney took me to a restaurant in NY with most amazing Christmas decorations. (She knows about my love of all things holiday-related.) She ordered us glasses of mulled wine, and I just sort of went with it. We were cold and she promised the wine was warm. Now I'm obsessed! (Britney knows about all the good things in life. Next I will tell you how she introduced me to arepas.) This year I found mulling spices in the grocery store so I can make my own! So when I finished my exam this morning, I could wait to get back home and curl up with Gossip Girl and mulled wine.

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Annette | Bucket List Journey said...

I can't believe I have NEVER had mulled wine. I'm going to have to change that this holiday :)