Monday, December 5, 2011

Day and Night at Pattern Bar

I've been to Pattern Bar twice now, once for lunch and once for drinks and tapas. Both experiences were enjoyable. For lunch I ordered 3 of their arepas, which are like little taco sandwiches made with a cornbread instead of a tortilla. The filing was really good, but the bread was a bit too tortilla-like. In my experience (the one time I had arepas before with my friend Brittany), the bread should be a little fluffier, but the consistency wasn't that distracting. It's not like I left any on my plate!

The night time menu is actually much smaller than lunch (and no arepas), but there are still some gems. The charcuterie plate is great, and the sweet corn crepe was everything that the corn crepe at Rivera should have been! I was only able to try one of the cocktails. It had figs. I liked it, but it did not compare to the creations at some of my other favorites local haunts.

However, Pattern Bar really knows its customer base. They've got a bevy of fashion magazines laying around for customers to peruse. Add to that a pretty good menu and a wine list, that's enough to get me back in the door for leisurely lunches next semester!

Pattern Bar
100 W. 9th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015

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