Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach and Seafood

After leaving LA, our first stop on the road trip was Santa Barbara, one my favorite places in California. It was 80 degrees out, and we were still hung over. So our first stop was the beach. Napping in the sun was just the thing to bring me back to life. I also found it very amusing to watch a rather large beach goer leave an entire 12 oz. bag of pretzels open on the beach only to return to find at least 60 very satisfied seagulls and no pretzels. If that man hadn't come back when he did, I think those birds might even have figured out how to open his Pringles! We finished the day out with some seafood at one of the restaurants on the wharfs. It wasn't the best seafood we'd ever had (actually despite the 4 stars review on Yelp, it was rather disappointing--a bar with bar type seafood, not particularly fresh or well cooked). But still, my headache was gone, I had wine, and I had oysters. So it wasn't too bad of a way to end the day.

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