Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy (Triple H) Friday!

It's Friday! Yay! I've got to go in to the photo lab to develop a few more prints this morning. My documentary project is due on Monday, so I need to finish that up. I will of course share it once its finished. After that, though, I plan to spend the rest of my weekend tackling the 3 H's: hiking, homework, and Hunger Games! It's been raining in LA, so Griffith Park should be at its ultimate greenness right now. After a long hike, I'm planning on stopping at The Trails (pictured above) which is just about the world's most adorable cafe and happens to be located inside the park. I recently discovered they have killer baked goods, and I'm dying to try a slice of pie. I can use my pie-eating time to start reading Hunger Games, which I want to finish before seeing the movie, though I hear that is not so hard. My friend read the book in 1 day! Then Sunday is supposed to be rainy, so I'm determined to finally catch up on some law school work. I've got to make sure I don't fail my last semester! What do you have planned this weekend? Will you being seeing Hunger Games, enjoying the outdoors, or maybe both?

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the sign! The area seems very interesting. Hope to see when out there.