Friday, August 17, 2012

Paris: Faire du Lèche-Vitrine

Faire du lèche-vitrine means to window shop in French. Well, technically it means to lick windows, but we're just translating the spirit here. Anyway since I had to get a new apartment when I came back from Paris, most of my money was reserved, and I did a lot of faire du lèche-vitrine as a result. We passed a phenomenal little card-stationary-knick knack store (remember my love of knick knack stores?) on the Rue du Bac called Magna Carta. This shop carried a line of watches, of which you see one example above. There were literally dozens of different options designed to appeal to just about any hobby or career you could imagine, but I would have loved to get this one in particular for my chef-father. Next time, Dad!

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