Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marz in South Pasadena

You know what I love? Knick knack stores. I looooove them. I can be really picky about what kind of knacks I actually buy, but I never get bored of wandering around just looking at them. In fact, I feel like I could start putting together a guide to knick knack stores across the country because I'm always on the look out for good ones. You know what's a good knick knack store in LA? Marz! I've only been twice, but it seems like the buyer keeps the place pretty updated with different themes, which is great; always something different! The theme for late spring/early summer is clearly inspired by Portlandia because Marz is putting a bird on it. And I realize birds stuff is a total hipster cliche now, but I don't care. I loved it all, especially the ostrich head vase and the bird oil paintings. I had to buy thank you cards though (Marz has great cards), so I didn't splurge for either since I was already getting the cards. I did however get a fantastic bird-themed knick knack, which I'll show you tomorrow along with my new suitcase-table!

PS: Here's a few shots of the fantastic fall-themed knicks knacks from my last trip to Marz. (Haha trip to Marz. I'm so punny.)

PPS: I included that chicken purse for you, Dad! Big enough to actually tote a chicken around in!


KCI said...

I LOVE knick-knack stores! My dad always describes shopping in those types of places by saying, "do you want to go pinch and poke at Marz?"

(and yes, I would love to go pinch and poke at Marz. with you.)

Missed you this past weekend at the Reunion, Cara! Hope all is well!


Anonymous said...

The place is really cute, but please dont give your Dad ideas about a chicken purse because he'll have you picking it up for me!

The Search for J Street said...

Cutest phrase ever, Kate! Consider it stolen!