Monday, June 4, 2012

Melrose Trading Post & the Disregarden Shop

The use of jalapenos at the tamale stall was no joke!

Well I made it to the Melrose Trading Post this weekend thanks to my very first Zipcar rental! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy the rental car was. Zipcar has expanded their LA operations, so a pick up spot a few blocks away just opened. The car was brand new, really clean, and had a full tank of gas.  There used to only been Zipcar picks ups down by USC, but now that there's a few downtown, I'm definitely going to use it more often!

So once I got my car, I picked up my friend Kim and we were off to the flea! I think I like the Melrose market a lot more than the Rose Bowl flea. In fact, now that I've been to both, I'm going to post about the Rose Bowl flea tomorrow for comparison purposes. But here's the pro's to Melrose: 1) the admission is only a $1 if you print out the coupon, 2) the market is much more manageable, easily seen within 3 hours or so, and 3) I found the prices to be much more reasonable. The other biggest perk to Melrose Trading Post is the Disregarden stall. SO well curated and still well priced! Seriously, I wanted to just move into their stall, it was that adorable. They also do furniture rentals and styling (I assumed for parties and events). If I had loads of money to waste of beautiful but entirely frivolous things, I would definitely throw a party just to hire them to style it. That good! I ended up finding 3 old suitcases to bring home for my suitcase side table. Pictures of that to come on Friday!

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