Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dinner at Baco Mercat

I rarely go out to a restaurant and voluntarily order only vegetable dishes. Usually I am lured away from healthy options by the cheesiest, meatiest, and/or carbiest thing on the menu. So you know a menu is good whenever forgo sandwich and pizza options for brussels sprouts, beans, and peaches. Baco Mercat's menu is that good.

There's a few appetizers, a dozen or so veggie-based small plates, and a handful of both baco (sandwich) and coca (flatbread) items on the menu. In addition, there's also around 15 to 20 entree-sized dishes in the meat and seafood sections on the menu. Some how they squish everything onto one page, but there's a lot to digest (visually and gastricly). I chose three veggie small plates: 1) the caesar brussels since Yelp reviewers spoke highly of them, 2) the peaches with goat cheese, honey, and hazelnuts, and 3) a dish involving blue lake and romano beans. Even though it was all fruits and vegetables, it was a lot of food, and I ended up taking the entire bean dish home. My friend got the picadillo flatbread and the ricotta stuffed squash blossoms. Everything was so so fantastic, but if I had to pick my favorites, it would be the caesar brussels and the squash blossoms. Even though I really want to try more of the menu, I'm incredibly tempted to order both of those again.

And, because I clearly cannot go through a meal eating only healthy things, I convinced my friend to split the strawberry-marshmallow cobbler with homemade vanilla semifredo with me. But I have no regrets about it!

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I like how you are presenting your blogs now. That opening picture really draws you in.