Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rose Bowl Flea Market

When if comes to flea markets, you can find all sorts of experiences: mislabeled swap meet full of junk, hippie commune yard sales full of patchouli, vintage shops full of cheap trinkets and hidden treasures, a local's market full of handmade goods and foods. You just never know . . . except for at the Rose Bowl. This flea market is so large that you can be certain you will find a little of everything above and so much more.

So the pro of the Rose Bowl flea market versus the Melrose Trading Post is primarily breadth of offerings. There's a separate section for furniture, clothes, and (as best I could tell) "small goods." Supposedly there is a break down between vintage and new, but I did not find that distinction to be clear when walking around. Naturally then, one of the major cons of the Rose Bowl flea is that it take a serious time investment to even begin to scratch the surface. And depending on how early you want to show up, you will pay between $8 and $20 to see all of this stuff. However, it might be worth your time and money if you are in the market for either furniture or something really unique. So the verdict is that if you've got 4+ hours, sunscreen, and water, go for the Rose Bowl flea. I found great stuff (my bar and glass bottles and a graduation rubber duckie!), but if you want something more casual, then Melrose is your better option.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Cara!
After seeing all those rubber duckies I will never buy you another one. Boy, can't compete with that!

Stephanie said...

Love those snazzy picnic baskets!