Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oscar de la Renta Resort: Floral Dressing

Over the weekend I caught up on some of the bajillion blogs that I never get around to reading anymore, and one of them had posted Oscar de la Renta's resort collection. It was lovely and beautiful and classic; everything you would expect from ODLR. And it was also heavy on the florals; everything you would expect from a resort collection. But 2 looks caught my eye for their less literal interpretation of the floral theme. Instead of a flower print or a flower embroidery, these looks had the shape of flowers. It reminded me of the Roberto Capucci dresses (below) I saw this past summer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with my mom. I think it is nice to be reminded that goods ideas never really leave us in fashion. It was easy to look at Capucci's dresses and pine for a time before fast fashion and the ubiquity of spandex. But ODLR's collection just goes to show that those gorgeous, structurally interesting looks are still out there, re-imagined every few seasons. Just probably not available at Forever 21.

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