Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday!

Ah the weekend. Mostly it's a chance to catch on work I didn't do during the week, but this week is also prepped to be pretty delicious. As you can see, I baked linzer cookies, and they turned pretty good, which I am very proud of. In addition to munching on those this weekend, I was also able to pencil in 2 dates with the bf--something old and something new.

We're going to grab brunch at Bottega Louie on Sunday, which we haven't done in ages because it has just gotten too popular. But we've got a gift card that we've got to use, so hopefully we can get in before the crowds. Tonight, we're trying out the new French restaurant in downtown, Industriel. It's been getting rave reviews! I cannot believe when I moved to this neighborhood it was a Carls Jr. populated mostly by homeless men. Now it is the new chic, trendy spot! Downtown LA still has a long way to go (don't get me started on this subject), but stories like Industriel give me great hope for this neighborhood.

And on the subject of neighborhood updates, Towne, the other new French restaurant across the street from my building looks like it is on the verge of opening any day! If it opens this weekend, maybe I will have to go out for brunch on Saturday too . . . for blog research, you know. What are you doing this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Have a great time. Construction on the house has started so we'll be getting the inside ready for the work.
PS say hi to the bf