Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy (Home Decor) Friday!

Happy Friday! Indulge me for a moment, and start your 36 hours off with some suitcase table and bird-themed salt and pepper shakers!

This has been quite the week for home furnishings. I told you about Melrose Trading Post, revisited the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and shared about Marz. And now you finally get to see the end product of all these treasure hunts. What do you think?! I threw in some pictures of the peonies I bought too. Bloggers always seem to have peonies in their apartment, so when I saw them at the store for the first time this season, I thought I'd try them out for myself. Also, did you notice that Wizard of Oz book? It's a first edition! My parents got it for me for graduation from this amazing store that we discovered together on a family outing. I love it because it is such a unique gift that truly shows how well they know me (I love vintage books) and how much they thought about their present. This is something I will always treasure!

So aside from decorating an apartment I'm going to move out of at the end of the summer, this weekend I'm mostly planning on studying and seeing the new Snow White movie. What are you up to?!


Stephanie said...

Love this! Love you! Happy Friday

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I love those birdie salt and pepper shakers. You have given your apartment a warm feeling.
Your Dad and I are so glad you like the book.