Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Friday!

A glass of wine at Sunstone Vineyard & Winery in Santa Ynez over graduation weekend.

Life is finally back to normal over here: Studying for the bar during the day, hanging out with the bf and the kitty at night. Is it sad that this feels like a vacation compared to my actual vacations? Probably the same thing that drives me to be work hard in school, drives me to pack my vacations full of activities. Otherwise I feel like I could have done more and seen more. But then I wind up coming home more exhausted then when I left! Does anyone else do this? After 3 days of doing nothing last weekend and a short week that got me back into my study schedule, I feel like I can go into this weekend recharged. Tonight I'm excited for a girls' night! I'm going to get a mojito at Cana with a friend and then go to a birthday dinner afterwards. Saturday will be probably be reserved for more studying, but Sunday I'm determined to check out the Melrose Trading Post! I'm still on the hunt for vintage suitcases. What do you have planned for the weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Since you asked. Dad is bringing Gramma and Frank back from Florida. I went to the plebe picnic today and go down to Dover tomorrow to pick up your Dad.
Glad you have had time to relax.