Monday, June 18, 2012

Street Art Filler

Guys, I did not plan a post today. I'm sorry, but The Killing season finale was on last night. Plus, I planned to make this dinner for the bf and I, and between the those things and studying, my night was swamped. (Side note: do you watch The Killing? I totally did not see the ending coming! So good!) And the thing is, I've actually got great stuff to share with you on the blog! I went out to an amazing dinner with a friend this weekend and then we played pinball and then we stumbled upon a band at a bookstore that had interpretive dancers. But all of that will have to come later once I've had time to sort through my photos. In the meantime, can I placate you with some gorgeous street art? The artist responsible for these murals that I blogged about awhile ago must have been commissioned to do more. Don't you just love these people peeking out at you? I feel like it makes the buildings come alive!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great weeekend. I know your Dad enjoyed talking to you on Father's Day.