Thursday, March 3, 2011

Murals on Spring Street

Have you ever seen these great murals on Spring St. in downtown LA? I love them. They are tucked away on the walls surrounding a little parking lot that is between 2 apartment buildings on Spring St. It's right next to the LA Cafe and Syrup. I've always wondered about them, and then on blogdowntown I saw this!

Image from blogdowntown.

Now I know about these murals and the artists! (And knowing is half the battle - ak! Every time I say "now I know," I have an uncontrollable reflex to quote GI Joe.) Anyway blogdowntown reports:

“Wrinkles of the City”: The French street artist known as JR has been making waves the last few weeks with his L.A. edition of "Wrinkles of the City." New pieces can be found on the side of the Angel City Brewery at 216 S Alameda St; the loft building on 808 E. 3rd; and a warehouse at 2476 Hunter St by the 10 Freeway-- as well as the walls at 696 S. Myers St and the side of the Hotel Bristol at 8th and Olive. All of this follows his 2010 appearance in the Historic Core.
Now the artist is using his TED fellowship to create Inside Out, a global, participatory art project.


Heart Charlie said...

Wow, these are incredible, takes the idea of street art to a whole new level ;)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are truly fascinating. They seem to draw you in.