Thursday, March 10, 2011

Art Law Panel at USC's Fisher Museum

Not to toot my own horn, but this past Tuesday the Art Law Society at USC (which I am a part of) put on a panel with 3 fantastic art lawyers: a gallery owner, a private practitioner, and a LACMA in-house attorney. They talked about what they do on a day to day basis and how they have seen their practice change. The speakers all had very different experiences to share, and the turn out for their talk was great. About 45 people from the law school and the community came out. I got to mingle with the crowd at the reception beforehand, and I was thrilled to meet a attorneys, artists, a curator, and proud parents who came out to support the kids who organized the event!

Below are some shots of the reception. I put up the lights! (With lots and lots of help.)

This is our 2010-2011 Board. The girl in the middle is our presidente; she is really responsible for this event!

I am wearing my go-to black blazer ($8 from Kmart! no joke) and a navy silk DVF wrap dress that I bought years ago at the District Sample Sale in DC ($95 marked down from $495! again not kidding). In my hair is a feathered headband my mom got me. I want to show off my dress more since I rarely get to wear it, but it is super low cut. So I had to keep myself buttoned up!

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Anonymous said...

That is so interestingabout your art/law board. I'm glad it all went well but sorry we live too far away we could not attend.