Monday, March 7, 2011

DTLA's New Coffee Bar - CoffeeBar

Sorry I have been out for a few days. I spilled coffee on my computer (not at CoffeeBar) and I had to let it dry out for 2 days and then after that it's been hit or miss with whether it will start up. But I will try to persevere!

So this weekend I did get to the new coffee bar, CoffeeBar. I really liked it! It is just like Intelligentsia except much closer to my apartment, and it has outlets! (For when my computer decides to work.) The coffee is pricier than Starbucks but definitely better and brewed with a lot more care. I am a sucker for having my cup brewed individually. The clientele is the cool kids of downtown and apparently every blogger in a 5 block radius. I saw at least half a dozen people in there taking serious pictures!

I have found my new study home!

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