Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bill Cunningham New York at the Nuart Theater in LA

I finally saw the Bill Cunningham documentary last night! (Remember how I bought my tickets like a month ago?) It was so so so good. I laughed. I nearly cried. You are given a glimpse of some amazing people throughout the film, not the least of which is Bill Cunningham himself. He is just unlike anyone I've ever know. He is so respected in the fashion world, and yet he might be the most non-judgmental, accepting person ever.

Movie poster from the Zeitgeist Films.
After the film was over, the director and producer answered a few questions. These were my favorite answers:

1. Anna Wintour was really nice and actually warm to the filmmakers!
2. Bill's neighbors in the artists' studios at Carnegie Hall ended up living in the same apartment as him when Carnegie Hall forced them to move. Happy ending! They are all still neighbors and they have a view of Central Park now! Carnegie Hall pays the difference in their rent, so they can all afford to live in this amazing building (not that Bill cares about the view).
3. The producer's personal theory on why Bill still uses film (versus a digital camera) is so he can control his work. I believe they said he is the only staff photographer at the New York Times to own all of his work.

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