Monday, March 14, 2011

Garden Shot from the Getty Villa

I have only been to the Getty Villa in the early spring when everything is just starting to bloom. I would love to go back in the summer and see what everything looks like when the gardens are at their peak. Of the spring flowers we saw, I have to say these pink and white ones were my favorite. I routinely kill everything Jeremy and I try to grow on our balcony, but if I ever have a yard one day, I might try my hand at these anyway. They are just so delicate and beautiful. I love the way they look at the foot of the statute - like he is running through a field of wild flowers.

This picture below is so cute. Lynne wanted to feel the trees because everything was so green and beautiful, it looked like it was fake. I snapped a picture just as she reached up.

I called this the cheerleader tree because it was covered in pink pom poms! Tomorrow I'll put up pictures of the actual Villa.


ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing shots!!!
Thanks for sharing.

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