Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bags of a Different Color

I'm usually not a purse girl. I mean, I love beautiful handbags, but if I had the choice between spending my last dollar on a pair of shoes or a purse, I'm always going to pick the shoes. Yet lately I've seen some rainbow bright handbags that I am finding irresistible. The pop of color just makes me smile. Right now I've just got 1 black bag and 1 brown bag, but I think summer I will add some color to the mix.

* Celine (as seen on Garance Dore)
* Louis Vuitton duffle and Hermes travel bags (as seen on The Coveteur)
* YSL, Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga (as seen on The Coveteur)
* Chloe clutch (as seen on Citizen Couture)
* Celine (as seen on Citizen Couture)
* Chanel (as seen on The Coveteur)
* 3.1 Philip Lim KC satchel (as seen on Garance Dore)

This last bag is the one I think I might splurge on this summer. I think it's absolutely perfect! (Plus the Chanel and Hermes are just a wee bit out of my price range.) According to some website I found that was very poorly translated into English, this bag won't be available until June. I hope I can find it. I've seen it in black, light blue, and tan, but I only want it in this beautiful hunter-esque green.


ChiccaStyle said...

Great selection!!!Love all of them,but the red kelly bag is amazing!!!

Bag Wiz said...

I like the red one!