Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Seven Grand

This is a whiskey bar even a non-whiskey drinker could love. (Meaning even I could love it, and I do!) Anyone familiar with downtown LA has spent a night at this hunting-lodge-themed watering hole. For those who love whiskey (and have deep pockets), there is an endless drink list to choose from. For those who know nothing about whiskey, go for the mint julep. It is delicious. While you are enjoying your beverage, you can sit outside, play pool, pick a tune on the jukebox, or just walk around and admire how the decorator managed to fit deer heads into every possible corner.

This last picture is not from last week; it is from this past Halloween. I met a few friends at the Seven Grand Halloween party, and we had such a great time. They had a fantastic jazz/rock band and a good crowd. Everyone was dressed up and dancing, and most people were still sober enough to be friendly and polite. I think I might go again this year!

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