Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Villa Itself

Finally, here are pictures of the actual villa at the Getty Villa and some of the surrounding architecture. The front of the museum faces a sizable amphitheater. It would be an amazing spot to see music. Does anyone know if they have concerts here or if the amphitheater is just for looks?

The two pieces below might have been my favorite in the museum. One is a statute of Zeus that was probably a copy of a much larger statute in a temple made for a rich citizen. I like this piece so much not for its sculptural value but because it was submerged in the sea for some time. As a result it developed all those neat squiggly lines. Where the statute is still in great condition - the chair and left arm - it was covered by sand. I can just image it stuck on a seabed with mollusks all over it.

This piece is a silver handle to a pitcher or vase. It is Triton (aka the Little Mermaid's father). His waist would have joined at the top of the pitcher and his fish tail would have joined at the bottom where the curve is. I think I liked this handle so much because (1) it would be awesome to have it on your pitcher while you pour out some ice tea and (2) I always imagine Triton as he is in the Disney movie. So it was interesting see him depicted with a more snake-like fish tail.

I love columns. You will see them featured in different ways in the pictures below. This other blogger Saucy Glossie occasionally does outfit posts with column back drops, and I love them. I wish I had been wearing a fabulous outfit (and had a fabulous photographer boyfriend in tow) so I could have done the same. Instead I decided to just peak out from behind a row of them.

What great (and slightly creepy) bench legs!

I wish I had a better camera that could have captured this, but beyond those plants behind me is the sparkling Pacific Ocean. The Getty Villa has such a beautiful view.


Sofi Stellar said...

Wow, that is so gorgeous! I bet the rooms are just so lovely! Great photos :) Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I agree the place looks beautiful and you took great pictures! Maybe we'll have time to go in August.