Saturday, January 8, 2011

Historic Kennett Square Shopping

One thing my mom really wanted to do while I was home for the holidays was to take a trip up to historic Kennett Square. She'd been up there for a concert recently and was impressed with the dining and shopping options while she and my father were walking around. So on Christmas Eve we bundled up to check it out. Little did my mom know what kinds of treasures we'd find!

Our first stop was Tom Macaluso's Rare and Fine Books. His shop is amazing. He has an impressive collection of international and local maps (all dating pre-1900). He also has a significant number of 1st editions, including the entire Oz and Tarazan series, and other very valuable pieces. Mr. Macaluso told us this year he sold 2 original letters from Albert Einstein and a first American print of Pride and Prejudice, of which only 13 are known to still exist! But for those not looking to spend $1,000 on a book, the remaining rooms in the 3 story building are filled with 2nd editions, reprints, and other books that Tom thinks have lasting value starting at $20. I picked up 2 copies of Twain's Innocents Abroad! I love the binding of the book and the illustrations. Modern books just cannot compare to the beauty of old books. (That fuzzy photo in corner is a note on the 1st page - "1st edition 2nd printing"!)

Our next stop was Artworks and Metalworks. This gallery was beautiful, and the owner was so kind to take time out to tell us all about his Wyeth's and other prints, even though it is was clear we were only picking a small piece for a Christmas gift. As soon as I have a spare $10,000, I am going to head back their for the beautiful print of Snow Hill.

Photo courtesy of Looney Dunes.

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