Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mas Malo

Over the long weekend my boyfriend and I tried out a new restaurant in downtown LA - Mas Malo. It was a great experience. I got to wear some of my favorite accessories and we got to try some atypical Mexican cuisine.

These earrings were a Christmas gift from my best friend's family. Her mother sell Lea Sophia jewelry, which is a great perk for me around the holidays because she always gives me something fantastic! These earrings are so light and simple but so fun. Each loop spins independently of the other.

These are my (probably knock off) Jeffrey Campbell "unicorn heels" that I got on Ebay. I think they are beyond adorable but they are not very comfortable so they only get limited wear (like when the restaurant is 3 blocks from my front door).

The pictures below are from the restaurant which re-purposed an old jewelry store. My favorite part (other than the bacon wrapped shrimp entree) was how Mas Malo kept the original ceilings. It gives the whole place a vintage feel, like stepping back into another world.

So the verdict on Mas Malo? I'll be back! I loved my shrimp dish and the potato and cheddar tacos. I'm dying to try the goat torta. If you make it there, I recommend getting their more unusual dishes. The classic Mexican dishes were good, but their atypical dishes were really the special ones.

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