Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Sweaters Just Got Not-So-Ugly

I know I've been waxing on a little much about Christmas sweaters. I've got my vintage reindeer sweater and my new snowflake sweater dress. Plus, I've posted pictures of some other people in Christmas sweaters. But now I've realized holiday sweaters are about to become a full blown trend for next fall. Not only did hot designer Juyna Watanabe just show a men's collection full of them, but the Sartorialist approved it! Getting approval from the Sartorialist can be tantamount to gaining every fashionable (and affluent) male as your new client. I am totally with the Sartorialist on this one. I would not mind it one bit if more men started sporting snowflake patterned cardigans and blazers.

PS: The vintage dealer from whom I got my reindeer sweater has been slowly updating her website. She's got some amazing 1970s holiday sweaters up! I'm about 5 seconds from buying the light blue one.

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Simon J said...

Beautiful sweaters. So fashionable!