Saturday, January 29, 2011

Soi 7 for Dine LA

Dine LA is in its winter 2011 installment. (For my east coast readers - hi Mom! - Dine LA is the same thing as "Restaurant Week" in every other city.) It runs Sunday night through Thursday night for two weeks. This past week my boyfriend and I tried out Soi 7. We'd been overlooking this restaurant for a year now since it is right next to Bottega Louie, which I had been obsessed with. But after a dozen times at the Lou, we were ready for something new. Thank goodness we broke out of the routine! Soi 7 was surprisingly amazing considering its reviews online are nothing special. Good service, great food, beautiful decor, and attentive water refillers all made me want to come back sooner rather than later.

These panels were set into a dark wood wall behind me. They were absolutely beautiful. I'm curious if they are original to the building.

As always: my handsome date.

The best part of a three course meal? Dessert! Banana samosas with green tea ice cream for me. Chocolate mochi for Jeremy. Sooo great! If you didn't get around to trying out something this week, don't miss your chance to take advantage of Dine LA starting again on Sunday night.

To dinner I wore a dress that I got at a local downtown boutique (Bliss, on 6th right by Spring). It is completely worth checking out. I think nearly everything in the store in something I would wear and the prices are very affordable. Pretty much everything is in the $30-$70 range.

Worn with Nine West pumps. Before we moved downtown, I lived next to a Nine West. Unsurprisingly I ended up with 4 pairs of Nine West shoes in my closest that year. I have these in yellow too. I love them.

And this is our kitty, Tiny. I think she is trying to tell me she wants to be more involved with the blog!

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